Bulgaria is a country situated in Eastern Europe, part of the European Union. Bulgaria has many mountains, big sea shore and other places where you can have fun both during the winter and the summer. Here are just a few ideas what to do in Bulgaria: snowboarding, hiking, mountain bikes, water sports, historical sightseeing, food tourism, wine tourism, outsourcing tourism and more. See you again in Bulgaria! Cheers! M.


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4 ways to use this site

1. Finally you can provide a link to all your friends who ask what Bulgaria looks like
2. If you live in BG, it is your quick inspiration what to do this weekend
3. If you live outside of BG, check how Bulgaria is changing every day
4. Make use of your Instagram skills, promote Bulgaria!


Ideas what to tag

Beautiful pictures from the nature (strive for good quality, clear shots, but more artistic filtered approach is also welcome)  , historical monuments, architecture (general plans, but also details and interesting angles), street art, food, old customs, colours, textures, special moments, sports, interesting people (because Bulgaria is made of people, too!) and everything else that can create the travel spark 🙂